Philip| Schneider

Dokumentation af performancen: Soil Water Sun. Opført under Chart Art Fair 2019, Charlottenborg

About the performance:

Josephine Philip and Hannah Schneider are two individuals known from the world of popular music, where they have had successful careers as both soloists and in bands such as Darkness Falls, AyOwa and the women’s choir Korage. Since 2018, the two singers have come together as the performance duo Philip | Schneider to create seductive spatial compositions that engage the body, ears, and mind. During CHART 2019 is their performance Soil – Water – Sun, a new choral composition comprised of eight female voices and a growth laboratory developed in collaboration with Poppykalas, a Copenhagen-based design studio. The result is a sensuous, immersive installation that examines our implicit relationship with, or the lack of thereof, the cycle of nature, cultivating a space for contemplation and reflection.

kostumer: Betina Bakdahl

Vækstlaboratorium: Poppy Kalas